Vidya Sambal Yojana


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A lot of times, due to a shortage of teachers, students have to face problems in school and college. This affects their studies as the curriculum couldn’t be completed on time. Considering this problem, the Rajasthan government has come up with a scheme called Vidya Sambal Yojana. Under this scheme, guest faculty will be appointed by the government to overcome the shortage of teachers. 

Continue reading the article to learn more about Vidya Sambal Yojana, its purpose, and its benefits in detail so that you can know who will benefit from this scheme.

About Vidya Sambal Yojana

During the budget of 2021-22, the Government of Rajasthan announced the launch of Vidya Sambal Yojana. Now this scheme will be started in Rajasthan and the eligible people will be able to benefit from this scheme. Under this scheme, the government will appoint guest faculty to meet the requirement of staff shortage. This means the studies of children studying in schools, colleges and government educational institutes run by the Rajasthan government won’t be affected due to the shortage of staff.

The appointment of faculties will be done based on vacant posts available at the educational level. The Rajasthan Vidya Sambal Yojana can also help in the improvement of quality in the education system. Moreover, unemployed people who are interested in the teaching sector can also get employment. The head of the institution and the District Collector have the power to select the guest faculty based on their qualification and experience.

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Purpose of This Scheme 

The main objective of Vidya Sambal Yojana is to appoint guest faculty in educational institutions at the time of shortage of staff. At present there is a shortage of teachers in many educational institutes of Rajasthan. Through this scheme, the shortage of teachers will be covered by appointing guest faculty. The guest faculty will take the place of the teacher so that the curriculum of that year can be completed on time.

Vidya Sambal Yojana aims to improve the quality of education in Rajasthan and provide employment to unemployed people. Now, the educational institutions of Rajasthan would not face a shortage of teachers. This means that the problem of shortage of staff and unemployment can be tackled at the same time through this scheme.

Benefits of This Scheme

The following are the benefits of the Vidya Sambal Yojana launched by the Rajasthan Government:

  • The main benefit of Vidya Sambal Yojana is that the quality of education will be improved as more teachers are appointed.
  • This scheme will also benefit unemployed people who are looking for employment opportunities in the educational field.
  • The vacant posts in the educational institutions of Rajasthan can be filled by this scheme.
  • The children will not face any hurdles in their studies due to non availability of teachers.
  • After the appointment of new teachers, the curriculum of the educational institutes will be covered on time.
  • Through this scheme, the education system of Rajasthan will be improved.
  • With the help of this scheme, there will be no shortage of staff in the schools colleges, and government educational institutions of the state.

Who can apply for Vidya Sambal Yojana?

If you want to apply for Vidya Sambal Yojana then you must fall under the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • To apply for Vidya Sambal yojana, the applicant must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan state.
  • The applicant should be 65 years of age to avail of the benefits of this scheme.
  • Retired teachers who are up to 65 years of age can also apply for this scheme.
  • Private applicants may also apply based on their qualifications for the relevant role and their merit.

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The final words

Vidya Sambal Yojana is a commendable initiative by the Rajasthan government to overcome the shortage of teachers in the state. Through this scheme, the government will assign teachers as guest faculty for schools and colleges This scheme will also employ educated people in the state. So if you are also a resident of Rajasthan and fall under the above-mentioned eligibility criteria then you can apply for Vidya Sambal Yojana to avail the benefits.


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