MP Uttam Shramik Puraskar Yojana


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As we all know, laborers work hard all day long. However, people don’t even appreciate or recognize their work. So to encourage and appreciate such workers, the MP government has come up with a scheme called MP Uttam Shramik Puraskar Yojan. It is a welfare scheme run by the Labor Welfare Board. Under this scheme, the MP government will provide financial assistance of Rs 15000 to the BOCW workers to award and honor their work. So with this award scheme, their life would become easier to some extent.

Continue reading the article to know the purpose and benefits of Uttam Shramik Puraskar Yojana in detail so that you can know who will benefit from this scheme. 

Purpose of This Award Scheme 

The main purpose of MP Uttam Shramik Puraskar Yojana is to encourage workers for their work. This scheme will motivate them so that they will become more hard-working and skilled. Through this scheme, the MP government aims to honor the workers for their hard work and dedication. The government will provide a cash prize of Rs 15000 to those disciplined and hard-working workers. A selection committee will select and award the workers for their work. 

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Benefits of This Award Scheme 

The following are some of the major benefits of MP Uttam Shramik Puraskar Yojana as mentioned below:

  • The main benefit of MP Uttam Shramik Puraskar Yojana is that the hard-working workers of MP state will get a cash prize of  ₹15,000 from the government. 
  • This cash prize can help workers to meet their basic needs or to improve their living standards.
  • Another benefit is that the award will give their work recognition and appreciation and they will be motivated to continue working hard and efficiently.
  • This award will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace and more people will want to work hard.
  • The beneficiaries will serve as role models for other workers and thus workers will become more hardworking and disciplined.

The final words

Overall, the MP Uttam Shramik Puraskar Yojana is a positive approach by the MP government to appreciate the hard work of workers. Through this scheme, the government aims to motivate and encourage workers which will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. This financial assistance will also improve the living standards of workers and make their lives easier. So if you are also a resident in MP state and working for more than 5 years then you can also apply for this scheme to avail the benefits. 


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