Old Age Pension Rajasthan 


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In old age, elderly people have to depend financially on their children. This is the reason many people look for pension schemes so that they can manage their little expenses. Considering this in mind, the Rajasthan government has come up with a scheme called the Old Age Pension Rajasthan Scheme. Through this scheme, the government will provide a monthly pension to the elderly people of the Rajasthan state. The pension amount ranges from Rs 750 to Rs 1000 for women above the age of 55 years and for men above the age of 58 years. 

Continue reading the article to learn more about this old-age pension scheme by the Rajasthan government along with its purpose and benefits so that you can know who can apply for it.

About Old Age Pension Rajasthan 

The Rajasthan government has increased the amount given monthly under Rajasthan Old Age Pension Scheme 2023. The amount of this old age pension scheme is raised to Rs. 1000 for the benefit of elderly people. Interested beneficiaries of Rajasthan can apply online for this scheme to avail its benefits. People who want to apply for this scheme should be long to scheduled caste, backward caste, scheduled tribe, general category (SC, ST, OBC, GEN), etc. This scheme was launched by the Government of Rajasthan for the benefit of old people in the state. 

To avail of the benefit of this scheme men should be above 58 years of age whereas women should be above 55 years

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Purpose of This Scheme 

The primary objective of the old age pension Rajasthan scheme is to provide the benefit of pension to all the elderly people of Rajasthan. As this pension is provided to them every month it helps them to fulfill all their financial needs and have a good life. The Rajasthan Old Age Pension Scheme 2023 aims to make elderly people self-reliant and empower them by covering their financial needs. With the help of this scheme, the elderly people of the state can raise their standard of living and live a peaceful life. 

Benefits of This Scheme 

Old Age Pension Rajasthan Scheme provides the benefit of a monthly pension of Rs 750 to Rs 1000 to the elderly citizen. The male senior citizens of the Rajasthan state of age above 58 years old can benefit from this scheme. Moreover, female senior citizens of the state of more than 55 years of age can get financial assistance with this scheme. With the help of this scheme, all the elderly people of Rajasthan can get financial stability and have a peaceful life. Moreover, elderly people will be able to fulfill their daily needs with the assistance of this scheme. If no one in the family of the old person is working as a government servant then also the person can take the benefits of this pension scheme.

Who can apply for the Old Age Pension in Rajasthan?

Here are the eligibility criteria for Old Age Pension Rajasthan 2023:

  • Men above 58 years and women above 55 years old can get the benefit of this scheme.
  • The person applying for the pension scheme must be a permanent resident of the state.
  • The annual family income of elderly people must be less than Rs. 48000 to apply for this scheme.

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Overall, the Old Age Pension scheme is a commendable approach by the Rajasthan government to financially help the elderly people of the state. This scheme aims to make elderly people financially independent so that they do not have to depend on their children for their small expenses. With this financial help, the elderly men and women can manage their expenses and they do not have to ask their kids for money for little things. So if you are also a resident of Rajasthan and fall under the above-mentioned eligibility criteria then you can apply for the old age pension scheme to avail the benefits.


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