How to Sign Up For the IHG Merlin Employee Portal?- Know in Detail


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In this blog we are going to tell you about How to Sign Up For the IHG Merlin Employee Portal?, so read this blog carefully to get the complete information.

IHG launched Merlin, an intranet for employees that connects all of its hotels worldwide, several years ago. Colleagues can access current business intelligence for all IHG properties on the platform to stay informed about what’s occurring there. Merlin also houses a significant collection of training possibilities and other tools for staff, as well as serving as IHG’s primary source for news, HR, and business information.

This blog post will discuss all the important details regarding the IHG Merlin Employee portal signup.

IHG Merlin Employee Portal

IHG has been able to boost business efficiency throughout its whole organization by streamlining communication thanks to the popularity of its staff intranet system, Merlin. Merlin now links every IHG property under a single communications platform after being created by more than 230 individuals from throughout the world. Merlin is now the go-to place for business intelligence, training opportunities, and corporate and HR news. Merlin allows IHG workers to reserve special prices at IHG properties, which is advantageous for both hoteliers and staff.

To access your business benefits, create a profile on the IHG merlin portal and log in. You can access the IHG merlin portal after setting up a username and password. To use the IHG merlin portal, you must have a working email address. Use the password reset option to update your password if you’ve forgotten it. To start logging in, adhere to the instructions below.

Steps for Login to IHG Merlin

  1. First, visit the official website of
  2. After this, you will be taken to the Merlin IHG Employee login page.
  3. Your Username and Password must both be entered in this field.
  4. Select the Login option from the menu after that.
  5. The website will then go to the next stage, which is validating your login information.
  6. You’ll have access to your IHG Network account after your identification has been verified.

How to reset the forgot password for IHG Merlin?

  • Use the Password Central button to access Self-Service Password Central.
  • By choosing your domain, inputting your user ID, and accepting the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use, you can log in.
  • Choosing “Change Password”
  • Type in your current password first, then a new one. Verify the new password, after which click Continue.
  • A confirmation that your password has been changed will be sent to you. To leave, click Continue. Re-login using your new password.

· IHG Reward Club

You can join the IHG Rewards Club at the IHG Merlin by logging onto the IHG Merlin portal and following the steps. Your login details and password must first be entered. Additionally, you need to enter your domain name. Once you have these details, you can access your profile and benefit from employee benefits. If you forget your password, you can reset it on the gateway. Participation in this program is absolutely free. You can register online if you work with IHG Merlin by providing your business ID and IHG Rewards Club number. After that, your ID and Merlin profile will be connected, providing you access to the employee rate.

You must also be an IHG employee to access this service because employees cannot make reservations without it. To use the employee rate, you must possess a legitimate photo ID whose name exactly matches the one on your reservation. If you work for a franchised hotel, you must first get the OK from the management.

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· IHG Employee Room Benefit Program

To be eligible for the Merlin IHG Employee Room Benefit Program, you must be an IHG employee. You can reserve up to 7 nights of IHG employee housing annually through this program. Before making a reservation, 90 days must have passed at the very least. To reserve an employee rate, you must first try to finish the IHG Rewards Program. Go to Merlin’s home page and select Edit Profile to get going. Participation in the Employee Room Benefit Program requires both an IHG Rewards Club membership and a Merlin ID. The hotel manager will then enroll the employee in the program.

Validation must be renewed every six months because it expires after that time. Employees can reserve inexpensive housing, but a valid ID is needed to enter the rooms. To access the IHG Employee Room Benefit Program, you need a Merlin ID.

· IHG Marketplace

The IHG Marketplace serves as a one-stop shop for all goods and services for IHG hotels and resorts. The hotel industry now has access to the combined purchasing power of the IHG system thanks to this online marketplace, which combines elite strategic sourcing expertise with a user-friendly ordering platform. IHG can give direct discounts and rebates to its members because it is the biggest hotel group in the world. A segment education event for IHG big account sales personnel and on-property workers is called the Americas Sales Technology Symposium. The Partner Fair, which is held on both days, offers a special possibility for networking between hoteliers and IHG direct bookers.

It’s a unique networking opportunity because HB Associates is set up in reverse trade show arrangements. To network with IHG’s salespeople, corporate leaders from BCD, CWT, and American Express attend the event.

· IHG’s Intranet System

The Merlin intranet is accessible to IHG employees. IHG employees are kept up to date on business activities at all of the company’s international locations thanks to technology. In this approach, workers can converse with one another. Merlin allows these staff members to stay current on important news and brand-new hotel launches. Prior to utilizing Merlin, employees must log in with their username and password. The name Merlin refers to the customized intranet system that IHG uses for its hotel network. This system serves as a communication center for all of IHG’s properties and is accessible to IHG workers worldwide.

Merlin links all of IHG’s hotels, enabling personnel to share information on issues including business intelligence and hotel performance. IHG Merlin was installed by more than 220 hotel employees from throughout the world. Its goal is to speed up decision-making and information flow, both of which have historically been crucial elements of IHG’s revenue management system.

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You now understand how to sign in to IHG Merlin and make an account there. At the IHG Merlin, you can sign up for the IHG Rewards Club. You will be able to take benefit of exclusive, exclusive, and premium amenities at a substantially lower cost thanks to this incentive.

We Hope this blog is sufficient enough to provide the information about How to Sign Up For the IHG Merlin Employee Portal?. Thanks for reading this blog.