How do you know if someone blocked you on discord


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In this blog we are going to tell you about How do you know if someone blocked you on discord, so read this blog carefully to get the complete information.

As you know, Today’s fastest growing world, everyone have their own mobile phones. They spend their most of the time on mobile phones. Many people connected with each other by many internet . They share their thoughts, opinion, ideas through many communication platforms.

In this article we will discuss  about how to block someone on discord? And How to check when someone blocks you on discord?  So keep reading to get more  knowledge about the Discord:- first you should aware about what is discord very well.


  • Discord is an online group chatting platform which is built for gamers.
  • Now many communities using this platform for communication purpose.
  • It has many servers.
  • It is communication platform that runs on every operating system.


Hope you all know about Block option. But some people who don’t know about Block option in discord .Block option simply allow you to block unwanted message, notification from unknown or unauthorized person. This option provides you security against who will message you or who will not? You can block anyone you want. If you block a person He/she will not message you until you unblock them. Discord provides you block option and you can block someone if you don’t like someone’s behavior.

Check if someone is blocked you on discord:-

 There are many reasons when someone can block you on discord. You must have  knowledge about how to check if someone blocked you on discord? Now I am telling you how to check if someone blocked you on discord;

   You might surprise when someone is randomly invisible to you or you cannot reach them anymore.

Sometimes it occurs because of   network issue but there may be another reason  which is  user  blocked you at any point. When you are blocked by someone you cannot connect with that person who blocks you on discord. Checking if you are blocked is very easy, like you cannot interact with that person because he do not want to interact with you. Keep reading to get learn about how to check if someone blocked you on discord:-

  • The most simplest way to check if someone blocked you :-  you can send a message to that person. If the message is sent then you are not blocked.
  • Another way to check whether someone has blocked you without sending message them.

You can send them request and check you are blocked or not. Here are some steps you have to follow:-

  1. Go to home on discord and open the menu and head to the friends menu.
  2. Now you select add friend.
  3. Here you can type the person’s discord Id and tag and click on send Friend request.

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If you are blocked you cannot send them Friend request.

  • Another method to check if someone blocked you on discord which is by reacting on another user’s message with an emote on discord. If you are not  blocked the emote will appear. However if you are using desktop, the screen will vibrate. And mobile user have a different sign. They get an alert with reaction blocked on it. This shows you are blocked by someone on discord.
  • You can also check if someone blocked you on discord by click on the person’s profile. You can simply click on username in server to check their profile.  If you cannot see the person’s about me detail then you are blocked by the user.
  • You can check if someone blocked you on discord by checking your friend list .if the person blocked you then you cannot see the user in your friend list. It means you are blocked.

All above methods specify how to check if someone blocked you on discord. You can simply pick any method to check whether you are blocked or not by someone on discord. And it’s require very less efforts to know you are blocked or not.

How to block someone on discord(desktop):-

In the world of internet you can easily connect with anyone you want across the globe. You can connect with many persons using internet on different social media application. You can chat with that person with whom you are playing game with the help of technology.

But some people misuse these functionalities such as someone is spamming the chat, send you abusive text, annoying you by sending messages.

At this moment you want to avoid that person, or you want to take strict action against that person. So don’t worry you have a block option to avoid such type of behavior.

When you are using DISCORD for chatting, there are various tools which help you to avoid such type of behavior.

Now I am going to tell you about how to block someone on discord:-

how to block someone on discord using desktop:-

  1. Firstly select the user’s profile in the Direct message app
  2. Now you can see the three dot menu icon in the right side of the profile.
  3. Click on BLOCK.

Thus, the user is blocked on discord. Now he is only able to see your status and messages but cannot send you message at all.

Block someone on discord using Android iOS:-

You can block someone on discord if you are using android or Iphone:-

  1. Tap the user’s profile picture.
  2. Now tap on three dot , you can in the right side
  3. Now tap on block button

Now user can not contact you. And user will not send you messages anymore. Now you are safe.


  • Can a blocked user check my online status on discord?

yes, they can see your online status until they also block you.

  • Will blocked user know that I have blocked them?

Discord does not send any notification about when you block them. But there are many ways through which they can know if someone blocked them or not.

  •  If a blocked user, can see my messages on discord?

The answer is yes, blocked users can only able to see your messages but cannot send you message back.

  •  Can I block a user who blocked me?

Yes , you can block that user who blocks you by following  few simple steps?

  • Do I appear offline when I block someone on discord?

No when you block a user, they can see the online status .

  • How can I block discord on my Router?

You have to follow some steps to block discord on my router:-

  1. First open the router’s configuration in a web browser connected to your network and log in. now select internet and tap on parental controls.
  2. Select Internet>Parental control.
  3. In the URL filter tap on new URL filter then write to the box. Hit save or apply button.
  4. Can I create another account if someone blocked me on discord?

No, don’t create a new account to message someone who blocked you .Discord considers this harassment and a violation of their community guidelines.

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 When you block someone on discord .Then blocked user will not able to send you message anymore. But they can see your online status until they also blocked you. And you can block someone on both desktop and mobile phone by following simple steps. Hence if you don’t want someone whose behavior you don’t like will send you message you can simply block the user.

We Hope this blog is sufficient enough to provide the information about How do you know if someone blocked you on discord. Thanks for reading this blog.