How Social Media Has Evolved Overtime 


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Social media came as a way of joining people together. Initially, there were only dating apps that people used to subscribe to get lovers. Because not all people were online to find lovers, some were just there to have some fun and interact with friends. That is when developers saw the need to bring a more interactive platform where people could meet and converse. It is important to understand that at first, the people who had been online looking for lovers on dating sites were the first cohort to start using social media and they used to think it was all about finding lovers. Nowadays people even buy Spotify streams because there is a business advantage in it. 

A Meeting and Chatting Place 

From the start, platforms like Facebook were meant for just meeting and talking to your friends. Here people were so interested in knowing where other people were and talking about how life is in the different places of the world where they stay. Therefore, Facebook was a place where you need to meet people and discuss personal issues. Back then, Facebook didn’t have so many features, it was just the photo or timeline and a chat box where people used to send private messages to their friends.

More Features Added to Social Media 

Aside from chatting and photo sharing, people needed more on these platforms. The feature to add videos was needed since many people were just on YouTube which used to consume a lot of data. Facebook then brought the option of people adding videos that were the best. Parties, gatherings, and events used to be covered on Facebook. Now people can even broadcast live and have live audiences on Facebook. This is the best way to ensure you enjoy an excellent follower number that will even bring more followers to your social media handle.

The Business Relevance of Social Media 

Looking at the growing numbers of social media users, marketers saw it fit to bring forth the best business features on social media. Nowadays people can filter followers into a specific location and market products in those locations. There are even social media business features that enable brands to reach more and more people so that they can enhance sales always. Always make sure you have the best kind of materials that will enhance your presence online. Social media for business has brought competition and marketers need to be very good in marketing to overcome the competition online. 

Different Social Media Platforms for Different Uses 

Everything is well defined these days and user needs to just know what they want and stick to it. For that reason, if you want news, Twitter is there for you, if you want interaction, Facebook is there for you and if you want pictures and other pictorial entertainment, Instagram is there for you. Always make sure you know the appropriate platform to use so that you find it relevant to your course.


There is always a need to make sure you enjoy excellent impact and results from social media. You can read some tips on the purpose you are partaking in so that you know exactly what to do. 

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