Why Images Are Important On Social Media 


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The era of getting attention from mere text posts and other non-pictorial content is long gone. No one bothers to read a post without pictures or videos because they always feel that it is super boring and doesn’t help. As a marketer or a social media channel owner, don’t just buy Instagram followers but also make sure you have the best images on your social media handle if you wish to have influence. Below are the reasons why pictures may make you win big on social media platforms.  

Pictures Define What You Are Posting 

It could be a car, yourself, or any kind of service or product, words cannot be trusted. People want to see the real thing for them to be sure that indeed it is what you are talking about. Always make a habit of posting photos so that you enjoy excellent outcomes from your followers. The more pictures you use; the more attention you get. With the current situation, there is also a need to make sure you use only outstanding pictures that will always make you have the best audience at all times. Use the best camera phones or cameras to take pictures.

Pictures Enhance Engagements 

When you use pictures, people get more enticed and they are able to spend more time on your profile commenting about how they feel regarding your photo. The pictorial graphics mimic different reactions from different people which is why you should always post them. Through comments, discussions can be raised making people always prefer your wall and comment more and more. It is from these comments and shares that your account normally reaches for making you have more new followers without the need to buy followers. Always know that pictures are always the best for you. 

Enhance the Trust of Your Followers 

When you post pictures, somehow the followers always believe you are more real than those who don’t post pictures. For that reason, make it a habit to always post pictures if you want the best outcomes.  Imagine you are selling shoes just like your competitors. You post that you are selling shoes and people don’t know whether it is true or not. Your competitors then post photos and you post without. Who will the followers trust more? Definitely, your competitors will always have an upper hand over you because they have something to make the buyers trust them. 

Images Are Your Brand Signature 

If people don’t know your products, it is important to know that only the pictures can help people identify you. Don’t wait until all the best customers leave you for your competitors, just make sure you post product pictures. These pictures will serve to enhance the awareness of your fans and potential buyers.


Pictures are very relevant when it comes to enhancing clients’ trust and engagements. As a marketer on social media, you can buy Instagram followers but make sure you give the people something tangible to see and have a reason to trust you. 

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