Which is the best Montessori Nursery School in Dubai?


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It’s important for a child to grow under great values and culture. From the time a child comes into the world the learning process starts. Which means learning starts from birth. A child first starts to learn from their parents and the environment. But when it comes to a Nursery School, they help to develop a child’s cognitive skills. 

Montessori education teaches through play and fun activities which are different for every age group. Their education is based on collaborative play times and self-directed activities. Children also learn to socialize with children of the same age. They indulge in a lot of individual and group activities which teaches them the value of teamwork. 

Dr. Maria Montessori was the first one to start the method of Montessori education. She devoted her whole life in understanding how children develop spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually. With all her interest in human development, she worked as an assistant at a clinic for children with mental illness. This helped her spend more time around those Children and think of ways to help them out. 

Montessori Nursery schools are usually beautifully built. They have many fun colors and toys which meet the needs of a child’s development. In an environment like this learning becomes fun. Montessori  Classrooms promote experiential learning which helps in deeper understanding and knowledge of language, music, art, mathematics, etc. 

Finding a good nursery is important as it is the first step for a child’s learning experience. Dubai is known for having many private schools and colleges. They give a lot of importance to education. Finding a good Montessori School in Dubai is much easier. Few of the well known names are Redwood Montessori Nursery, Lady bird Nursery, Global Indian International School etc. 

One of the best Montessori Schools with a unique curriculum and best education is Global Indian International School, Dubai:

GIIS has the Global Montessori plus program. This program is designed after Maria Montessori’s world renowned kindergarten teaching methods. Global Indian international school has added the ‘plus’ in GMP to modify the original teaching into something new and modern. With a lot of contemporary research they have included innovative learning and unique methods of development in their curriculum. There are 5 pillars of GMP which are Excelerate Programme, Multi-faceted learning for Nursery kids, iPlay Programmes for Nursery kids, iCare Programme for Montessori kids, and Montessori curriculum with future programmes. The teachers at GIIS are qualified and have a passion for teaching. Students are encouraged to learn by experiencing, which further promotes self learning. Overall, GIIS offers a friendly and safe environment for the holistic development of a child.


Studies say that children who attend nursery have higher IQ. Nursery School is the best place for the overall development of a child. They learn about life through exploring, socialising and experimenting . GIIS is committed to provide the children the best teachers and environment that will help in making a strong foundation for academic and cocurricular activities.