Weird Flex: TCL Shows Off Two Rollable And Extendable Displays


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TCL has launched something very new and that is about showcasing its display concepts at trade shows. The company is (virtually) prepared for showing off a couple of these prototypes at CES 2021. It is a fact that there is absolutely no guarantee these concepts will ever reach market but obviously it’s something like a fun glimpse at a possible future of display tech. This is actually a mobile device with an AMOLED “rollable” screen which can extend a 6.7-inch display up to 7.8 inches. As stated by TCL, the device is less than 10mm thick with a 3mm bend radius.

Features of rollable and extendable displays –

  • The device works on the concept of an extendable display that unrolls on two sides just like a scroll.
  • The screen is thinner at just 0.18mm thick.
  • TCL does appear to have a working prototype version of this technology.

Advantages of using rollable technology for devices –

  • You can watch a video on the regular screen, but use the device that pop out to the more enjoyable tablet mode without carrying a second device.
  • The calendar app on “phone” mode will let you expand it to tablet to see your day’s schedule as well as the whole month view.
  • A “two-screen” mode let you feel perfect for reading an e-book on two pages.

TCL stated that it will bring a foldable or flexible product to market this year. Actually, the functionality is somewhat similar to the regular ol’ folding phone and also worked in the same way for a while now.