Top Homeowner Rights Under HOA


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Legal organizations include Homeowners Associations. As a result, your community’s governing documents should be very explicit on the legal rights that an HOA, its Members of the board, and homeowners all have. You can get help from flagstaff hoa management companies.

  1. Property Owners Are Entitled to Certain Legal Rights

There are numerous legal protections available to everyone who buys the property. These consist of the following:

  • The holder of the ownership of the property is the rightful owner according to the law.
  • The proprietor is free to use their property any way they see fit, provided it complies with the law. However, with an HOA, property owners are still required to abide by the rules and laws of the neighborhood.
  • The privilege of exclusion allows a property owner to decide who enters their residence, except for a subpoena or court order. Utility easements may also be available for workers who need to enter the land.
  • The Right to Enjoy: A homeowner does have the right to engage in any enjoyable activity, provided that it is legal.
  • The homeowner has the option of disposing of their property and giving it to another individual.
  • Owners have the right to alter HOA rules and regulations.
  1. Owners have the right to alter HOA rules and regulations.

Homeowners have the legal right to alter the HOA’s rules and regulations. If a homeowner thinks a rule is unjust, obsolete, or discriminatory, they can pursue legal action.

  1. Homeowners have the right to contest HOA dues and assessments.

Although homeowners are compelled to pay evaluation fees each month, this does not give the HOA the right to raise fees at will. HOAs typically need to provide proper notice to homeowners regarding changes in charges or special assessments by certified mail, according to your governing agreements. There might also be a cap on the annual increase in fees.

  1. Financial Statements and Other HOA Documentation Are Accessible to Homeowners

The HOA Board cannot stop homeowners from asking for papers such as:

  • Monetary reports
  • Reserves Summary in the Annual Budget Report Vendor Contracts
  • Agendas and minutes from board meetings
  • HOA Member Records
  • Tax Returns for HOAs
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Amendments or Changes to HOA Rules
  1. Capital improvement project plans

Homeowners are entitled to ask for and review these records to learn more about managing the neighborhood’s resources and finances. It is possible that the homeowner may need to submit a written request for the documents, along with payment for copying and shipping.