Top Five Netflix Cartoon Shows Which Are More Than Just Cartoon Shows


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A lot of animated shows have been made over the years but only a few of them were able to leave an impression on our minds. That is because they were more than just cartoon shows. Today we will be taking a look at the top five Netflix shows which are more than just cartoon shows. Let’s get started.


Bojack Horseman is more than a regular cartoon show because it deals with a lot of real world issues in the most authentic yet funniest ways. The focus of the show is obviously on its lead character who used to be a big thing in Hollywood. But over time, Bojack saw a decline in his career and resorted to some insanely terrible methods to cope with his failure. It is advised that you should never watch this animated show with your kids. The Next Hint has no clues about Bojack Horseman Season 7 and it is still to be seen whether the show will be getting another season or not. If you want to watch something that is dark, gritty, funny and entertaining all at the same time, then you should definitely check out this show.


Big Mouth is one of those rare cartoon shows which will show you how close to reality a cartoon show can get. It is truly a delight to watch and it will leave a good impression on your mind especially if you are an adult. The reason behind this is that the show has brilliantly written storylines for every episode and the voice acting of the show is great as well. Apart from that, the animation style is also good. So it is needless to say that you will be missing out on a lot if you do not watch this show right now.


Rick and Morty deserves a spot on every single list of ours which talks about animated shows and it is so because it is the most finely crafted and brilliantly detailed show that Netflix is currently streaming. The fifth season of the show is out to watch and if you have not seen even the first season of the show then you are missing out on a lot of amazing stuff. Go and watch this show right now if you want to see how incredibly well an animated show can be made.


South Park is one of the oldest and greatest animated shows that people have ever seen. It has a lot of humour and most of it is dark or satirical in nature. The show makes fun of a lot of serious issues with its leading characters’ daily problems and that is what makes this show extremely fun to watch.


Another good show which you must not skip if you want to have a good time. It is fun to watch and will not bore you for a single moment.

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