Top 5 Qualities of the Best CBSE Schools Near Me


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Choosing a good school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll take that will help shape your children’s future. Now, with so many schools, each claiming to be the better one, things might get confusing if you are in search of a good CBSE school for your child. 

An online search for “the best CBSE schools near me” will probably turn up hundreds of results, and choosing one from them might seem like a daunting task. However, certain qualities determine the quality and effectiveness of a school and the part it plays in the education and development of a student. When choosing a good school for your child look for these five qualities.

Sports Infrastructure and Enthusiasm

Any sport always tests and challenges your kid’s athletic abilities, while helping them develop good physical health and improved reflexes. Moreover, any type of game played as a team will help develop several social skills while your kid interacts with teammates. So, involving your kid in any one or more type of sports can be one of the best things happening to your child. Thus, the school you plan to admit them into, must promote an air of enthusiasm for sports and have a good sports infrastructure.

Value-Added Programs

A strict curriculum and following that in learning might not be effective for many. To create great learning experiences, a more flexible program consisting of several approaches to learning using several different methods is important. Learning processes such as Functional Classrooms, Project and Activity Based Learning, and different programs like reading, writing, and reciting should be integrated into the course structure for a complete learning experience for the students. Learning through varied activities and different programs makes a student productive, happy, balanced, and thus lays the fundamentals of being responsible and innovative citizens of tomorrow. 

Extra-Curricular Activities 

Extracurricular activities help in the all-around development of students. There can be several activities that a student might be interested in and when you search for the best CBSE schools near me, always take a look at the type and range of ECA and CCA activities that the school has provisions for. 

Safety and Security

The safety of each student is important and the school you are planning to admit your child into must have solid security and offer ample safety for your child’s wellbeing. The entries and exits must be kept secure utilizing modern technologies such as biometrics-operated turnstiles, to make sure only the authorized person is granted access. Every entry and exit to the premises must be further secured by traditional guards 24×7, who will keep an eye and regulate the entries and exits manually. 

Using modern and futuristic technologies such as marking attendance with a facial recognition system or using multipurpose ID cards for a transaction, special accesses, and more can be a great idea for added safety and security. 

Parent Engagement

Last but not the least, a good school must always try and encourage the engagement of parents in the learning process of their children. Open communication with parents about their children’s abilities, performance, and concerns might be one of the best ways to promote parent engagement and the best CBSE schools must do that. This school in Hadapsar region is well-renowned for its exciting parent-engaging activities.

GIIS Pune has earned its name as one of the best schools in Hadapsar in providing students with the best learning experience helping them in their overall growth. We advise you to look for the above qualities in the school you are planning your child’s admission to make sure that your kid receives the best education and infrastructure for their growth