Online casino: all the reasons behind an announced success


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Positive period for online casinos, which obtain record numbers and are confirmed as one of the most important realities in the gambling sector. To the point that, to date, there are thousands of users who prefer to take advantage of the advantages of online gambling rather than physically go to one of the many land-based casinos in the world. It is normal that this is the case, and basically it is one of the many signs of the digital revolution. 

A revolution that has also changed our old concept of gambling, but bringing only benefits. That is why in today’s article we will discover together the numbers of success of digital casinos, starting however from their advantages.

Why prefer a digital casino to a physical one?

The first real distinguishing factor depends on the differences between digital and “analog”. Telematic casinos, in fact, allow users to try their hand at these gambling games from any position and at any time. For example, we can choose to get comfortable on the sofa, launch the browser and play roulette or slots on the computer. Or we can decide to play a game of poker or blackjack from our smartphone, since we almost always have it with us now. The access point doesn’t matter, however: online casinos are always ready to please us.

And they do it from a stimulus point of view too, especially when we look at like of 888 casino that offer welcome bonuses. In practice, these facilities give us the possibility of obtaining extra credit for betting. The amount and nature of the bonuses can obviously change from platform to platform, given that some of these grant a recovery (total or partial) of the first bet placed. What are the other advantages of online gambling platforms? We could not fail to talk about security, given that we often read about scams. 

Scams that actually exist, if you decide to register with a portal not authorized by the customs and monopolies agency. On the contrary, the presence of the ADM sticker absolutely protects you from any attempt of fraud or deception, allowing you to play on a risk-free platform. Finally, it is also a question of… style. A land-based casino requires us to dress and behave in a certain way, but at home we decide, and therefore we can basically do what we want.

The success of online casinos translated into data

2019 has been a great year for online casinos, and there is industry research to prove it. In fact, there is talk of a growth in the sector of over 12%, as regards the expenditure of Italians. Secondly, the total collection in 2019 went beyond 830 million euros, adding also the digital poker rooms (+ 17%). Undoubtedly one of the most important months was September, with a total of over 19 million spent on online casinos alone. Finally, it should be emphasized that among the most successful games we find slot machines.