How to Make Money On YouTube? 


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Whether you publish videos or you just create text content, YouTube is an appropriate avenue to make more money every day. The platform has over 2 billion users which means the money that circulates there is immense. This is the reason why top brands like Nike, Apple, and Nokia always have channels where they can advertise their products and make people buy. You as an individual can also make money from YouTube as long as you follow the proper channels of revenue generation on YouTube.  As a marketer, make sure you create excellent content that commands the attention of viewers and if possible you can buy YouTube views

Join The YouTube Partner Program 

It is important to make sure that you join the YouTube partner program if you wish to make excellent money. The requirement is to reach 1000 subscribers who will be loyal to you and when you post content, they will be directly coming to view your content on YouTube.  With the YouTube partner program, a certain percentage of the income from ads and other commissions will be delivered directly to your account. To join this program, follow the process of joining the AdSense program. 

Crowdfund Your Project

When money is the only obstacle standing between you and your project, the best thing to do is to make sure you do a crowdfunding campaign. This is the best way to make sure you increase the chances of actualizing your dream without having to get a loan or anything. You need help to buy equipment, actors, or cameras, the best way to get these things is through a crowdfunding project. You will get a lot of well-wishers who are willing to support you in exchange for entertaining and educative content that will please people. 

Ask Your Fans for Support

When you have good content that people can’t get their eyes from it, you stand a chance to be supported. YouTube has a fan donation page where people can support their favorite content creators by subscribing to membership plans. Through the money and donations, people can make the best content for their fans and as a result, you get more money. Start by telling your fans the reason as to why you requesting funding so that they know why they should put their money into your content. Just be honest enough and create outstanding content at all times. 

You can as well work with brands so that you get commissions and direct payments. Some people working for top brands make $100k and they just began recently which means as you continue growing, you stand a chance to make excellent outcomes. Always make sure you have excellent kind of cameras and skills so that you make excellent content that will entice people online. 


There is always a way to monetize your videos so make sure you find one. Always fight to have the best number of subscribers so that when you reach lots of followers, you will be able to enjoy excellent recognition from top brands and even YouTube itself. 

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