How Many Different Printing Techniques Are Available for Customized Boxes?


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When one thinks about marketing, a product’s packaging may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it really ought to be. When it comes to giving your products the competitive edge they need, packaging serves a purpose analogous to advertising. Because of this, a significant number of businesses have begun investing in packaging that has been customized boxes. We’ve been manufacturing unique and eye-catching custom-printed boxes for over a decade, and we’ve made it our business to learn the most efficient printing procedures.

Flexographic Media Printing

Flexographic box printing is the most fundamental kind of box printing. It requires creating printing plates from your digital artwork to press ink onto customized boxes. Flexographic printing is perfect for anything from simple logos to detailed, colorful artwork. It is the most common customized box printing process and is excellent for rapidly creating large print orders. We make our own printing plates here at The Customized Boxes Now to save you time and money.

Digital Box Printing Is Suited for Limited-Run Box Samples

Because the ink is transferred directly to the corrugated cardboard during the digital printing process, this printing does not need printing plates as flexographic printing requires. Historically, digital printing was a slower technology with worse image quality than flexographic printing. However, with recent improvements, digital box printing may now compete in terms of printing speed and quality with more traditional personalized box printing procedures. 

Using Litho for Lamination

In contrast to flexographic or digital printing, litho laminating entails printing artwork on paper and then adhering it to a corrugated board rather than directly onto the box. Use lithographic lamination if you want photo-realistic images and designs on your customized boxes.

Costs of Printing 

Custom boxes wholesale printing is typically less costly than most people imagine. For example, adding one-color direct print on a box costs around 10% extra.

It may seem a lot at first, but the printing plate may be used for all future box orders as long as your box design does not change.

Higher-end graphics, such as multi-color lithographic printing, cost more, but bigger orders balance the costs.

What Are Custom Printed Boxes, Exactly?

Custom printed boxes are custom-sized, conventional, robust shipping boxes with hinged lids that may be customized and withstand transit. Think subscription boxes are often used for packaging little things or a range of products. These personalized boxes may be any size or shape to match your delivery demands.

Several challenges occur when businesses contemplate employing custom printed packaging. Business owners often inquire about what kind of packaging is acceptable, how much it will cost, and what the benefits of customized packaging are. So, how can you know whether custom-printed boxes are a suitable match for your company? Take note of the following critical elements.

Do You Need Personalized Mailing Boxes?

Custom-printed boxes have several variations.

Cost: As with anything, customized boxes for packing cost money. When seeking price quotations from manufacturers, know the kind, size, and quantity. 

Die-cutting this box may cost more, and a unique box with branding and graphics might boost your company’s image. Money is a concern, but you should assess the benefits of this box. The boxes isn’t your grandmother’s.  

Size: These “custom” boxes may be made in any size. Naturally, the size of the products to be transported will determine which custom-printed box is appropriate. In addition, if you sell and ship many things, you may order different sizes to have on hand. 

Design: Customized boxes come in various colors and may be printed on both the inside and outside with practically any design you can think of. Are you looking for solid-colored boxes that are exclusively used around Christmas? Do you need logo-printed personalized items? Are you striving to deliver the ideal customer experience possible by providing surprise printing inside your box? Custom Boxes for Products provide endless branding possibilities.

In any case, packaging should provide customers the finest experience possible. Custom-printed boxes might help you maintain your client base when distributing items to consumers. Consider how many more eyes will be on your products in delivery if you’re branding your packaging. You could even attract new consumers.

The Benefits of Customized Boxes

Don’t forget to consider the benefits of employing a custom-printed box. You’d be surprised how much one packaging decision may impact your business and enhance your client’s experiences. Customization can give your company a more consistent look and feel through color, printing options, and sizes. Choose custom-printed boxes for the following key benefits:

Why Increase sales: Custom Boxes Wholesale is ideal for doing two jobs simultaneously. You may enhance sales by customizing any current promotions with your packaging. Second, it is cost-effective since it can be purchased in quantity.

Enhance Your Brand: Customers aren’t only interested in the products themselves, and your bundle is more essential than you realize. Custom artwork and your company’s colors may be utilized to create a really unique experience. If people identify your brand from the packaging, you’re doing well.

Keep Things Safe: Using custom-printed boxes ensures that your products are better protected on the road. Custom packaging goes above and beyond to protect your products throughout shipping.


This box design offers benefits beyond personalized printing. Printed boxes are lightweight, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. High-quality packaging indicates you care about your customers. Whether you own a physical shop or an online company, your packaging may be your storefront. You may customize your printed and advertise your brand using printed customized boxes.