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Abhishek Malhan better known as Fukra Insaan is an Indian YouTuber and musician. He is popular for his challenge videos and comparison videos that he posts on his YouTube channel. He is commonly known as ‘Fukra Insaan’ as it is his YouTube channel’s name. He participated as a contestant in the reality digital series Bigg Boss OTT 2 in 2023 and gained more fame.

Continue reading the article to know more about Fukra Insaan, his height, age, early life, professional career, and other related information in detail.

Early Life of Fukra Insaan

Fukra Insaan’s real name is Abhishek Malhan and he was born on 24 May 1997, in PitamPura, Delhi. His father’s name is Vinay Malhan and his mother’s name is Dimple Malhan. He completed his education at Delhi’s Lancer Convent School and later on he went on to Delhi College of Arts and Commerce to obtain a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

Malhan developed an early interest in artistic endeavors. He demonstrated his natural talent to perform and amuse people by taking an active part in school plays and dramas. He spent a few years working as a marketing executive after completing his studies before deciding to pursue a career on YouTube.

Professional Career of Fukra Insaan

In 2019, Abhishek made his YouTube debut, drawn to the platform by artists such as Mr. Beast and KSI. He posts real-life (IRL) videos and challenges on his channel which is liked by millions of people. He has worked with Puneet Superstar, CarryMinati, and The Great Khali, a former WWE wrestler.

Abhishek competed in the second season of Bigg Boss OTT in 2023, finishing as runner-up. In addition, he had four guest appearances on the dating program Temptation Island India. He also leads a survival game program on Netflix’s YouTube channel for Netflix India.

In addition, he was the previous CEO of the Mr. Bond brand, which sells cleaning supplies for the home.

Physical Appearance of Fukra Insaan

Fukra Insaan Height in feet is 6 feet 9 inches which is 1.91 m and he weighs around 70 to 80 kg. His impressive height goes well with his charming personality and engaging videos. Furthermore, Abhishek’s eyes and hair color are black.

Family of Fukra Insaan

Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan’s father Vinay Malhan is an industrialist while his mother Dimple Malhan is a popular YouTuber. He has two siblings Prerna Malhan and Nischay Malhan who both are well-known YouTubers. Like Abhishek, his brother Nischay is also known as Triggered Insaan which is his YouTube channel name. He recently purchased a house in Gurgaon which is worth ₹ 25 crores or $3 million. Many people also look for “Is Fukra Insaan married” so no he isn’t married and is single as of now.

Fukra Insaan Music Videos

Fukra Insaan’s first music video, “Big Life,” which was directed by his close friends Drrvth and Parth, debuted online on February 27, 2021. The YouTuber released “Fly High,” his second single of the year, in June. In April 2023, Abhishek and his brother Nischay Malhan performed the song “Tum Mere 2.” The public was given access to all of his prior music videos in 2021, including those for the songs “Dreamer,” “Tum Mere,” “Rahaan,” and “Din Te Raat.”

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Controversies Related to Fukra Insaan

After Bigg Boss OTT, Abhishek was involved in a feud with Elvish Yadav, among other controversies. Claims of negative campaigning costing 25 lakh rupees sparked a social media spat, which was later explained away as a misunderstanding. While Temptation Island India was being filmed, the two content creators made up, eventually putting their problems behind them and becoming friends.

A TikTok video with Abhishek holding an incense stick in his mouth sparked another controversy because some people thought it was disrespectful to the Hindu god Ganesha. Abhishek explained that the video was a part of a TikTok trend that aimed to promote polite methods by criticizing non-traditional ceremonial activities.


1. What is the real name of Fukra Insaan?

Ans. The real name of Fukra Insaan is Abhishek Malhan and his fans know him as Fukra Insaan because it is his YouTube channel name.

2. How old is Fukra Insan?

Ans. Fukra Insan is presently 26 years old as he was born in May 1997.

3. Why is Fukra Insaan famous?

Ans. Fukra Insaan aka Abhishek Malhan is a famous YouTuber who is known for his entertaining and engaging videos. Besides, he also got fame as a runner-up in Bigg Boss OTT 2 in 2023.


Fukra Insaan, also known as Abhishek Malhan, is an Indian musician, YouTuber, and internet celebrity. His YouTube videos and appearances on reality shows such as Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 and Temptation Island India helped him achieve widespread notoriety. As per your query, Fukra Insaan’s height is 6 feet 9 inches or 1.91 m tall which complements his personality. We hope you found this article informative on Fukra Insaan and now you know everything about him that you were looking for.