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Erotic romance is a blend of romance and erotica. These books contain primarily strong sexual content and tend to use more frank language. They generally avoid many of the euphemisms that are used in other books with milder sexual content. There are several sub-genres of erotic Romance and Religion like contemporary romance, romantic suspense, inspirational romance and historical romance. Erotic romance should not be confused with pornography. While pornography focuses solely on sex acts, erotic romance books typically have a well-developed plot and characters that could also exist without the involvement of any sexual acts.

Have you read so many romance novels that you can’t bear to part with any of them? Consequently, your bookcases are full and you’ve started shoving them under couches, in microwave stands and under beds because you have no more room to put them in?

· Do you love your romance novels so much that you can remember which romances you’ve lent and to whom; and when they’re not returned on time, you get annoyed and actually ask for them back?

· When you’re in between books, do you get such a physical, overpowering craving to read a romance novel that you have to go out and get one ASAP? Is the craving as strong as your craving for chocolate and caffeine?

· When you read a romance in bed, do you ever look over at your ‘significant other’ snoring away beside you and want to smash the book over his head because he just doesn’t ‘get it’?

· Do you have a special secret stash of romances you call ‘Keepers’? These are the books that are so good you would never part with them, no matter what and you read them again and again when you’re in the mood?

· Have you read and re-read your Keepers so many times that the pages are all dog-eared and some are even stuck together with coffee stains?

· Have you ever read a romance book while cooking at the stove and a) overcooked the spaghetti or b) burnt the burgers or c) charred the peas?

· Have you ever left a kettle full of boiling water on the stove and forgotten all about it because you were so engrossed in your romance book? Did every drop of water evaporate and you only realized what was happening when you heard crackling coming from the empty kettle on the hot burner because the metal was melting?

· Is the romance novel you’re reading so good that you’ve gone deaf and can’t hear your husband or kids calling you?

· Have you ever been so captivated by a romance story that you forgot to call your mother and the poor woman (the one who cleaned your pee, pooh and puke until you were 18 years old and is still helping clean up your messes today. that woman… was waiting patiently by her phone for your call and was getting worried when she didn’t hear from you?

· Have you read so many romance books in your life that you can tell from the first two pages whether a novel is a ‘Dud’ or a ‘Keeper’? And have you read so many romances that your high standards have now made you very picky about what you read… and you’re finding more Duds than Keepers at the bookstores lately?

· When you find a Keeper, are you heartbroken when you know you’re on your last chapter because the book was so good but now it’s going to end and then what will life be like for you???? Do you go through a mini-depression when you come to the words, ‘The End’ because it feels like you’re leaving old friends behind?

· Have you ever spent hours online, surfing romance book websites and looking for recommendations from other readers on books they consider Keepers that you may want to read next?

· When you’re reading late at night, do you just have to read one more chapter before you go to sleep… and then just one more after that… and another after that… until you realize Romance and Religion that it’s 3am and you have to be up at 6am to go to work… but you just don’t care?

Okay… face it… you’re hooked! If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to 3 or more of the above, then you’re addicted to romance novels, as I am. But it’s a good addiction, so enjoy it and have fun! It’ll be our little secret.

Romance books tend to be shorter than single-title novels. A few of these novels like Harlequin Blaze are published as part of a category while others are published as part of an anthropology. Themes like incest, pedophilia and bestiality are still considered taboo even in erotic romance books. These topics are generally discouraged by all publishers.