Creative Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees


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The relationship you have with your clients and employees will dictate the course of your business. Both employees and clients are equally important since they have been pushing your business forward and allowing you to flourish and make more profits. 

Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice to show appreciation to them and treat them with a small act of kindness that will remind them of their hard work and loyalty? If that’s what you have in mind, here are some corporate gift ideas that will strengthen your bond with clients and employees.

Office gadgets

Gifts should be both personalised and practical, so if you’re thinking about surprising your employees, consider treating them to new office gadgets. For example, a new coffee machine or a business smartphone for each employee are among the best high-quality corporate gifts for coffee or tech lovers. More importantly, these gifts are practical, meaning they can improve the quality of work at the workplace. 

However, keep in mind that there are other options to choose from, such as Bluetooth speakers, washable keyboards, smart pens, and many more. Determine what your team members need the most, and you’ll definitely manage to find excellent gifts for all employees.

Potted plants for plant lovers

When searching for perfect corporate gifts, many people have something classy or special in mind. Still, special isn’t a synonym for expensive, meaning there are many thoughtful gifts that won’t poke a hole in your budget. 

For example, breathe life into your office by gifting each employee a potted plant. Not only will you manage to decorate your workplace, but you’ll also be able to encourage employees to take care of their plants and take frequent breaks to water them.

Promotional products

When you’re meeting a new client for the first time, you want to make a good first impression. You can do that by listening carefully to their needs, giving them a tour of the office and showing appreciation by gifting them unique and creative promotional products.

So, for example, you can include many items in the merchandise gift bag, such as a notebook with a printed logo of your business, a tote bag and a free sample of your products. In addition, you can gift a set of your best products to your most loyal clients or even send them a Christmas advent calendar, along with a bottle of wine.

Event tickets

Team building is the most important investment you’ll ever make. It helps you bond with your employees, boost their performance and improve your company culture, so if you’re looking for ways to spend some more time with your team and engage in fun activities that will help you get to know them better, buy some event tickets for the next show in town and ask them to join you. 

What’s more, you can gift event tickets to your clients as well. Before buying tickets, try to learn more about them. Or, make a guess, and give them a generic gift, such as tickets to a baseball game. Even better, if your next client is visiting the city you live in for the first time, gift them a ticket to the zoo, or treat them to a fancy dinner and offer to show them around.

Gift boxes for every occasion

Nothing shows appreciation better than unique corporate gift boxes. They’re ideal for many occasions, such as when you’re organising an event or when you want to show your employees that they’ve been delivering impressive results lately. 

Corporate gift boxes are always neatly packed, meaning you’ll definitely manage to impress a potential client. On top of that, you can choose whether you want to include your own merchandise or add other gifts such as quality coffee, wine, or chocolate. This is another generic gift that will always help you make a good first impression or keep your employees happy with minimal effort.

Food and liquor

Every foodie out there will tell you that food is the perfect gift. You can’t go wrong with food, especially if you already know your employees very well and understand their food preferences. So, if you really want to surprise them, order some pizza for lunch and have it delivered to their office. 

Or, you can take them all to dinner or invite them to a barbecue party. Or, you can host an office party, and treat your employees to a theme-based cake. On top of that, quality liquor is a great employee birthday gift, but you should also buy liquor such as whiskey or cognac if one of your employees is throwing a retirement party.


At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, so don’t worry much about whether you’ll manage to find ideal gifts. However, if you don’t have any other ideas, be sure to give these options a try, especially if you’re looking forward to spending more time with your employees and showing them how much you appreciate their contribution to your company’s growth.