Are You Wearing Your Earrings Right?


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Every civilization has utilized jewelry, namely earrings, to communicate wealth, social rank, religion, sexuality, and availability.It’s easy to make mistakes while picking the correct earrings for an occasion, from the designs to the shape and size it can all be confusing. Avoid these few frequent earring blunders to send the right impression.

Wrong Occasion, Right Earrings

Earrings perfect for a night out on the town may not be appropriate for the office or a Saturday morning soccer game for the kids. Just because you like a set of earrings doesn’t imply they’re suitable for the situation.

Earrings have the advantage of being a simple method to transform the look of any ensemble or create a statement on their own. It’s critical to choose the proper style for the right look.

Inappropriate Style for Your Face

It’s a good idea to pick an earring style that complements your facial shape. No matter how valuable the gold or jewels are, choosing the wrong style can ruin the earring. Remember earrings are chosen to complement rather than detract from your characteristics.

If you have a round, full face, for example, gorgeous drop earrings may be appropriate. Drop earrings provide the appearance of a longer and thinner face.

Avoid wearing huge, round hoop earrings since they will pull the attention over your face, making it look rounder. Discover your face shape and select the style that best suits you.

Every Day Wearing the Same Earrings

Wearing the same earrings can be comforting, but don’t fall into this trap that it will turn fashionable also. Changing your earrings regularly to match your clothing might bring to memory pairs you’ve forgotten about.

Nothing beats having the right set of earrings to go with the appropriate attire or occasion. If not having the right earrings check this website.

Not Keeping Your Jewelry Clean

Dirt and bacteria are attracted to soap and shampoo, particularly around little posts behind the earlobe. Infections are possible. It is recommended to take off your earrings and clean them thoroughly. Several types of jewelry cleaners can clean and shine your stones beautifully. Make sure to clean your earrings, posts, and stems (as well as your naked earlobes) with soapy warm water.

Keep It Delectable

Just because someone is selling a set of earrings does not indicate that they should be worn. Avoid bright plastics, clip-ons, and overly-elaborate earrings unless your favoredstyle is a touch cheap-looking. They seldom look well on anyone and are more suited to pre-teens than adult ladies.

Don’t be shocked if others believe you’re immature if you spend the most of your time wearing earrings that are too small for you. Of course, you can discover and wear creative, distinctive, or humorous earrings, but you may have to work a bit longer to find something worth wearing. There are countless types of earrings available, and each one has the ability to transform your appearance.

Earring Clip-Ons 

People pick clip-on earrings for a variety of reasons, the most obvious of which is that they do not have pierced ears. If you don’t want your ears pierced, you’re most likely already wearing clip-on earrings. Clip-on can be worn even if your lobes are pierced. There are several compelling aesthetic reasons to do so. The earring that is larger and heavier tends to drag the earlobe down, creating an unpleasant extended appearance. Oversized statement pieces are fastened over the entire bottom portion of the earlobe using clip-on earrings, eliminating the stretched-out appearance we all fear as we get older.

This form of jewelry is being taken to couture heights, with designers like Oscar de la Renta, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent giving their distinct twist on clip-on. You’ll find a pair to complement your style, whether you want a bright statement style or a more traditional, subtle design you can pop over to this online store to buy gold earrings.