Ace The English Section in SSC CGL Exams With Reading Comprehension Practice


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The SSC CGL is an examination known for its competitiveness and opens the doors to various prestigious and coveted government job opportunities. Among the different sections of the SSC CGL exam, the English section is a challenging hurdle for many aspirants. So, delve into effective strategies to ace the English section, focusing on mastering Reading Comprehension. Let’s explore how to enhance your comprehension skills and secure a strong performance in this crucial segment of the SSC CGL exam.

The Art of Skimming and Scanning

To tackle these passages effectively, candidates must master skimming and scanning. Skimming involves quickly perusing the passage to grasp its main theme and structure. This initial read provides a road map for understanding the text better. On the other hand, scanning is the process of searching for specific information, such as names, dates, or figures, within the passage. These skills are invaluable during the exam, enabling test-takers to locate answers efficiently within the given time frame.

Transitioning seamlessly between skimming and scanning is essential. When skimming, candidates should pay attention to headings, subheadings, and paragraphs’ opening and closing sentences, as they often contain crucial information. As they scan, they should look for keywords related to the questions posed in the exam.

Vocabulary Enrichment Is A Must

A robust vocabulary is an asset for comprehending complex passages. Candidates should actively work on expanding their lexicon. This can be achieved through daily reading habits that expose them to various words in different contexts. When encountering unfamiliar words, aspirants should note them down and later research their meanings. Practising these new words in sentences further reinforces their understanding and usage. For an interactive approach, vocabulary flashcards and mobile apps can also be employed to make learning engaging and effective.

Practice with Diverse Texts

While preparing for the SSC CGL examination, it’s vital to diversify and augment your reading materials. Exposure to texts encompassing literature, science, history, and current affairs can significantly enhance your reading comprehension skills. Immersing yourself in diverse texts will help you become adept and comfortable at comprehending various subjects and intricate themes, thereby preparing you for the unpredictability and challenges of the exam. This broad and comprehensive foundation will effectively enable you to navigate and interpret passages confidently, irrespective of the complex subject matter.

Annotate and Summarise

Annotating and summarising are indispensable techniques for improving comprehension skills. While reading a passage, use a highlighter or underline important information, including key ideas, supporting details, and notable examples. This active engagement helps in retaining crucial information and identifying the main points with much ease. After completing the passage, take a moment to write a summary that encapsulates the main theme, significant details, and the author’s perspective. This summary will serve as a reference while answering questions, aiding in accurate and efficient responses.

Critical Thinking and Inference

In addition to skimming, scanning, and vocabulary enrichment, the ability to think critically and make inferences is paramount for mastering English comprehension. Aspirants should sharpen their analytical skills to discern the author’s underlying message and perspective. Often, questions in the SSC CGL exam require candidates to draw conclusions based on the information presented in the passage. Practising critical thinking and inference-making is essential to answering such questions accurately.


Mastering the English section, particularly Reading Comprehension, is a significant milestone on the roadway to success in the SSC CGL exam. By developing these essential skills, aspirants can significantly enhance their performance. Regular practice and dedication are the keys to success in conquering the English section and achieving a high score in the exam.