A Hit-And-Run Accident’s Possible Financial Settlement


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You might wonder how much recompense you could get if you were involved in a hit-and-run accident and sustained injuries or property damage. In actuality, there is not any such thing as a common hit-and-run accident settlement. It is not possible to generalize from one situation to the next since each case has particular facts and situations that are unique.

Your growing medical bills, incapacity to work, and house duties could make you feel overburdened. Do not give up, though. In the wake of a hit-and-run incident, you do have options. To discuss your prospects for compensation, speak with a car accident attorney Louisville.

Kentucky’s laws on hit-and-runs

As mandated by Kentucky law, leaving the site of a collision without sharing information, providing aid, or alerting law authorities may result in criminal prosecution. As a class A misdemeanor, leaving the site of an accident that resulted in property damage is illegal. Penalties for these infractions include a penalty of up to $500 and a year in prison.

A felony hit-and-run charge, which carries a jail sentence of one to five years and a fine of up to $10,000, may be brought against the person who caused the most severe effects of the hit-and-run accident.

What insurance requirements must drivers in Kentucky meet?

Your attorney might initially suggest you study your insurance policy before seeking reimbursement for a hit-and-run accident. In Kentucky, it is a legal requirement for all car owners to keep their insurance current. Your license could be suspended if you do not comply. Additionally, drivers may be hit with a $500 to $1,000 fine, a jail term of up to ninety days, or both.

In Kentucky, all car owners are required to have a minimum amount of liability insurance. The insurer must satisfy the following obligations regarding liability:

  • $50,000 for all complaints for physical injury damage suffered by all parties as a consequence of an accident, 
  • $25,000 for all complaints for bodily injury injuries incurred by one person, and
  • $25,000 is the total amount of property damage caused by one accident.

Suing for damages after a hit-and-run accident

You could choose to file a lawsuit against your hit-and-run driver for compensatory damages if they are found. According to Kentucky law, injured people are entitled to both economic and non-economic compensation damages.

Economic damages are particular financial losses brought on by your accident. Records like invoices, receipts, payslips, and other such documents serve as proof in support of your complaint for economic losses.

Non-economic damages cover less obvious losses related to psychological and emotional suffering brought on by your injury.

In some cases, punitive damages could also be recoverable. Punitive damages, in contrast to compensatory damages, aim to hold the offender accountable for their actions and discourage repeating them in the future.