10 Backyard Renovations That Increase Home Value


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The biggest mistake you can make when investing in your home is to invest in things that don’t bring value to it. For example an outdoor kitchen without an enclosure in a place where it rains a lot. This investment would cost money and it would be useless or it would demand another investment. A backyard is essential to any home since many people prefer to live in a house precisely to have a backyard, privacy, and the possibility to enjoy the outdoors. This is why any investment regarding your home should include the backyard if you want it to be complete. Backyards can drastically enhance the look of your whole property and some of the ideas are not even so expensive. Let’s pass through some of the most creative ideas for upgrading your backyard.

The first impression matters

People like nice things. Something beautiful and tidy will draw our attention more than something that is not. Knowing this, the first thing you should take care of is the front part of your house and yard. There are ideas to improve the looks of your front yard that can instantly attract possible buyers. Make sure your hedges are trimmed, your trees are shaped, and that there is no debris. Other actions that can be beneficial are replacing your old garage door or at least paint it to look newer, replace your door for a durable steel one or simply paint the existing one, update your doorknob, add some mulch and succulents to your flower beds and add a nice new doormat.

Fix the facade

This can sound like a very expensive project but, think long-term. It is one of the most efficient ways of improving your exterior design and at the same time adding value to your entire property. The material that you should use would have to go well with the overall design of your home, but let’s mention some of the facade materials options generally: metal coatings, natural stone cladding, wooden coating, masonry walls, mortar plaster, concrete, glass enclosures, manufactured stone veneer, etc. Although it might cost you some money, the investment will pay off since people would rather buy a house with a nice and quality exterior than one that lacks all of that.

Outdoor living space layout

We mentioned a pergola in your garden. Let’s see how else you can upgrade your outdoor space to make it more valuable on the market. The important thing is how you set some outdoor installations, like a patio or a deck. Your outdoor space layout should resemble the one you have in your indoor room. This is a matter of aesthetics and doesn’t cost a lot nor would you have to put a lot of effort into doing it. It is simply something that would look better and be more practical and at the same time add up some value to your backyard because of the enjoyable and comfortable space it offers.


A nice garden, not necessarily big, can seriously increase the value of your home. The garden should be placed in front of your house in a visible place. It is one of the things that people notice right away along with the lawn. A garden can tell which home has had low maintenance and which one has been maintained very well and thoroughly. You don’t need exotic plants that are difficult to maintain though. Some succulents can do the job if you want it the easier way. To add more of an appeal though, you can do some small landscaping projects and have a small oasis on your property. It can be adorned with ponds, fountains, and different types of sculptures. This can bring on some challenges, like irrigation issues. Make sure you get proper tools for this matter. Rewind mechanism reels like Hoselink US can do the job for you very efficiently. Further ideas on how to arrange your garden can include a pergola or any other place where you can find shelter from the sun and some privacy to spend more time outdoors.

Landscape and lawn

We mentioned landscaping, but more like an additional feature, you could add to your garden. If you want to upgrade it to the next level, there are lavish landscape ideas that can make your backyard look like a paradise. The investment can be returned in a high percentage since people appreciate a well-maintained landscape. There should be a tree of a reasonable size with some flowering shrubs, some stone planters, a stone walkway, and mulching. Don’t forget to clean and maintain your landscape because otherwise it won’t look good and your primary investment will be lost.

Outdoor kitchen

This is an unusual thing to see, but if you live in a climate where there is not much precipitation, you can use this to your advantage and have a nice outdoor kitchen. Just think about the days when you could make some family lunch or snack outside and serve them under the pergola or any other outdoor space designed to spend time at. The important thing is the functionality of the outdoor kitchen. A space that is equipped, a roof that serves as a shelter, a ventilation system for comfort in hot weather, and some heat source, like a fire pit for cooler days. If your outdoor kitchen isn’t usable three out of the four seasons, you might consider not installing it after all.

Outdoor fire pit

The best investment, in this case, is the gas-powered fire pit because of its convenience and easy way of using it. You don’t have to worry about the wet logs because the fire is ready and set once it’s hooked on a gas or propane source. It is clean and very safe if installed properly. There are fire pits that can be packed away if you don’t use them, in case you don’t have room in your yard for a permanent one. You can use it when a buyer comes to check the house. The idea of spending some nights next to a firepit is attractive enough.

Swimming pool

People want a property where they can enjoy it at its fullest, especially since the Covid19 pandemic started and there are limitations when it comes to traveling and visiting different places. A swimming pool is a huge advantage in the real estate market. Increased demand for pools proves it. A house with a pool will sell better because it will be more attractive. However, sometimes you don’t get to recoup the expenses of installing a pool, but at least your house will be able to compete with the other ones on the market.

Add a deck

A wooden deck that can both be attached or detached is a perfect idea for those who like to spend their time in their backyard. It is the perfect spot for grilling, sunbathing, and entertaining. It increases the value of your property as well. A deck or veranda can give that homey look to the whole place and it generally connects the house with the rest of the property. An enclosed one would be perfect since it is protected from all kinds of weather conditions. Bear in mind that your deck will need proper lighting, a cozy set of furniture, and heating in winter conditions, and it would be good if you adorned it with some plants to make it more vivid.

Place play equipment in a proper manner

Potential buyers that have kids would be thrilled to see some play equipment in the backyard. However, if your potential buyer is an elderly person or someone without kids, then perhaps a sandbox in the middle of the yard made for kids to play could repel them. It would be an unnecessary thing that stands in the way. Make sure to place these elements properly if you want to increase the value of your house.

Now that you know these 10 ideas to make your backyard look lavish and thus, your property more valuable, you can start making a plan of redecoration. If you think that in the future you might want to sell your property, then start investing now, step by step in making it more valuable in the real estate market. Do it according to your budget, taste, and existent decoration. You don’t need to implement all of these ideas. You can focus just on the gardening part or creating a nice and peaceful veranda. Anything that is done with good taste and that is useful and pleasant will help your home reach a higher price and make your investments recoup over time.