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As the capital of Nebraska, Lincoln is home to a host of museums and cultural attractions, but it is also a college town with an active and lively atmosphere. Visitors will discover many things to do, regardless of their interests. 

In the center of town is the Haymarket Historic District, an interesting area with shops, galleries, and restaurants, popular with locals and tourists. The area around the capitol building uses to have several significant sites, comprising the Governor’s Residence. On the University of Nebraska campus, expediently located in the heart of the city, happens to be the State Museum of the University of Nebraska and Sheldon Museum of Art. 

Outside the city center, but a short drive away, some unique attractions are worth visiting. While there are a number of places to see that can’t travelers can miss. So, without any doubt, book copa airlines reservations online and save up to 25% off on every flight booking in any class. To make it easy for you, below we’ve listed some attractions on your next trip!

Nebraska State Capitol

It took Nebraska three tries to build a capitol building that would last. The building today, the third on this site, is unique from other state capitols. It does not have the traditional dome but instead incorporates a 400-foot office tower. The building cost $ 10 million and construction took 10 years, beginning in 1922. The Nebraska State Capitol is well worth a visit for its limestone exterior that represents 3,000 years of democracy through sculpture and ornamentation. Interior with marble columns, mosaic floors, and murals The figure at the top is a 19-foot-tall bronze figure The Sower.

Sunken gardens

The attractive sunken gardens use to be a natural work of art that satisfies all the senses. Originated in 1930 and reconditioned in 2004, the gardens are a civic pride in Lincoln. There are three focal gardens: the healing garden, where all the plants bloom white; and the Annual Garden. The perennial garden; at the Annual Garden, more than 30,000 plants are used each year to create new designs and themes. The gardens happen to be comparatively small, covering below two acres, so they can be easily navigated by almost anyone.

Pioneers Park Nature Center

Ideal for those looking for outdoor fun with a little education, the Pioneers Park Nature Center sits on 668 acres and is a great place to get back to nature. Eight miles to hike trails wind about the property, and tourists will see white-tailed deer, herds of bison, and elk. Those with piercing eyes can also see red-tailed hawks, barred owls, and wild turkeys.

Things to do

Lincoln Christmas Market

Lincoln is twinned with the German town of Neustadt a der Weinstraße in Rhineland-Palatinate, and each December has its own dose of German culture with a four-day Christmas market.

The event happens to take place in the magical surroundings of the Cathedral Quarter and features 280 stalls selling newly cooked food, spiced wine, and rare crafts made by local artisans.

There are amusements and rides around the fairgrounds, and lots of live music and entertainment to lift everyone’s spirits.

Tour the pubs and clubs

Being a college town, Lincoln is not short of places to have a drink and party. While the clubs are mostly modern and lively, the pubs tend to be rather traditional, with a laid-back atmosphere. If you’re in the mood for a pint, don’t miss The Strugglers Inn on Westgate, The Ritz on High Street, or The Horse & Groom on Carholme Road.

Hike, Bike, or Ride TheMoPac Trail

The MoPac Trail is part of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, which converts old rail corridors into hiking trails. It happens to follow the old Missouri Pacific Omaha Beltline, henceforth the trail’s name. The western unit winds by downtown Lincoln, though the eastern portion happens to be the more rustic of the two and hints to Wabash, Nebraska. You will be able to collect either end of the road in Lincoln. Biking and walking are the best options to enjoy the scenery in spring, summer, and fall, and you can even cross-country skiing in the winter. A separate equestrian trail runs from Wabash to Lincoln.

Try Lincolnshire sausages

Lincolnshire sausages add a delicious touch to typical English dishes, such as pureed sausages, sausage cake, sausage stew, or full English breakfast. The recipe consists of adding sage to the typical pork sausage, which gives it a somewhat spicy flavor. The meat is also minced thicker than normal, so it has a different texture than usual.


Lincoln may not be the largest city in Nebraska, but it has a lot to offer visitors. Plus, another bonus is that you’ll be just over a five-minute drive from the English countryside. Having said that, plan your US trip with Airlines Vacations and make sure you visit each of these places to experience the real taste of city life.