Importance of Supplier audit


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Quality is an alarming issue when you are exporting products from different countries or markets. Supplier audit is a process that comes with specific objectives and they should be evaluated at the facilities of the suppliers. Only a skilled and knowledgeable company can help you out to do the proper checking at the supplier chain. If you are running a successful business, it is important to have the best quality supplies and raw materials provided by the suppliers. Trusting the suppliers without checking is not an advisable or wise choice. This evaluation should be done before finalizing the company or before completing the manufacturing process. Especially if you are manufacturing products from other countries, this type of checking is very much important.

Reasons to complete supplier’s audit

There are some significant reasons for supplier’s audits. The quality issue is important for every organization and the quality of a final product depends strongly on the offered quality of the suppliers. It is important to set a specific set of standard for the supply chain that ensures consistency of it. It comes with the requirements of quality management system. The industry standard and regulations can be tracked automatically and measured within the specific quality management system. A quality audit is important to uncover non-compliant material. It should meet the industry standards.

Efficient document management

A supplier audit is important to ensure that all the quality-related documents related to the suppliers are appropriate and archived properly. Important records supplier approvals, inspections should be verified through this process of audit.

Identifying the potential risks

Complete product genealogy of everything, traceability, final assembly, subassembly ensures all the operational excellence throughout the lifecycle of the product. This type of KRT audit can identify any type of gap in the process of supplier quality cycle, manufacturing process, and change in the engineering process, shipping process etc. it allows the manufacturing unit to close any loops of delays, deviations, non-conformances etc.

Recovering the cost

Through a supplier audit, one can get a comprehensive checking of the supply chain and its performance to find out the loopholes. Suppliers may check on cost according to quality. Many of the factors can decide the cost of a poor quality product and from all the supplier-related tasks. If found any wrong, the manufacturer can work to improve the quality of the product and can pursue the recovery cost.

Improving communication

A proper supplier audit can improve the collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers. Proper visibility should be achieved into all the supplier-related processes and offer an open information exchange and complete transparency on the supplier-manufacturer relationship. Your audit should be scheduled regularly to ensure that the supplier-manufacturer relationship is perfectly meeting all the objectives and taking beneficial actions mutually. When your goals are specified, you can ensure more manufacturing success.

Improves customer satisfaction

As the suppliers audit defines all the quality objectives, it can help you in the process to bring high-end goods to the existing market. It investigates the risks and identifies them for safety necessities beforehand. With excellent product quality, customer satisfaction improves also.