IM Academy’s Chris Terry to Entrepreneurs: ‘Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan’


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It is so easy to drift through life with a plan or sense of direction.That is not living life but simply existing.To stay on track on the road to success, Chris Terry suggests that you must plan your work, and then work your plan. It is the roadmap you create from point A to B that will harbor your success. As Earl Nightingale stated: “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.”

Plan To Reach Your Goal

A soccer game is pointless without the goals on either end of the field. Take them away and what is left is 22 or so players running around and pointlessly exhausting themselves.But, with those goals, the players know what they are working towards.To be successful in any venture, whether that be in business or life in general, you have to clearly see your goals in your mind’s eye.A goal is not a wish.Saying ‘I want to be a CEO’ does not make such a desire happen – you cannot speak it into existence.Instead try, ‘I AM so happy and grateful now that I am the CEO of my life and business.”

The difference here is the acknowledgment that you have to set goals and take necessary action to reach them.Once you understand where it is you are going, then you can plan your work.Get to know your blueprints so well that it is imprinted into your brain. That way, you can remind yourself every day what you are working towards.While you are working on your plan, don’t just focus on the long-term steps but also what you need to do in your day-to-day life to reach your targets.Plan for your day, week, month, year.

The clearer your blueprint is, the easier it will be to hold yourself accountable to follow.

Your Game, Your Rules

Nobody should be telling you how to reach your goals or how that roadmap should look.Every goal you have will look completely different to your friends, your colleagues’, or your bosses, so why would you let anyone define your rules but yourself?Of course, you should look to those who are successful for guidance, but never give them the power to write your plan for you.They are on a different path to you and you to them.If you vividly plan a blueprint, then coming up with rules should not be all too difficult.Your rules should not be a guideline, but systematic laws you have to motivate yourself to abide by to reach that next step.

Play The Long Game

Chris Terry has stated that success doesn’t happen overnight and (if you are truly committed to growing), it won’t matter how long it takes for you to reach your goals. It’s the growth you sustain along the way.To get anywhere, you must work at your plans consistently.It is no use waking up one day, writing down your goals for the next 10 years, and then ignoring them for a year.Progress is only stagnant if you make it so.Even when you reach your goals, never pause your growth.Keep learning, keep growing, and – most importantly – keep planning.

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