Hymenoplasty treatment in Ludhiana


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What do we exactly mean by hymen? A hymen means a vagina and the vaginal area. If the treatment’s name is Hymenoplasty, then it is considered the treatment of the vagina and the vaginal area so that it can get better and in the condition how it was originally before.

To one’s surprise, Hymenoplasty in Ludhiana is available with highly trained experts who would keep your confidentiality and also make way for your well-conditioned hymen. Hymen reconstruction is often required when there is a case of tampering after sexual intercourse. It is natural that you will lose the original texture of the hymen. The operation is so wonderfully done that the hymen would be spotless without any stitching scars and side effects to the hymen. One could actually not come to know that it has been operated also. That is the power of a successful hymen operation.

In the cases of rape or any sort of sexual assault, wherein the hymen might have got minutely damaged also, so much that a woman would not appear like a virgin, then people who religiously believe that that fact could actually impact your sexual married life later on, get this surgery done.

The operation is for a few minutes and the patient has to stay for further inspection in the hospital for about 3 days for resting and seeing the after-effects of the surgery.

Stitching of hymen from the torn edges and making them intact, what most people commonly call it ‘tight’ is done. The surgery focuses on two layers of the vagina. This is done to sustain the durability of the vagina.

Hymenoplasty in Ludhiana is performed in variably good perfection so much that the stitches that are applied are soluble and are not visible after 20 days. They naturally get dissolved with the skin. After the surgery, you can assume a month’s repair that would be required for complete healing.

You can follow-ups for the next few months to ensure that those stitches are still intact and no fault is there. In case the patient experiences consistent pain in the vaginal area, she should immediately seek the doctor. Sports activities are prohibited for about a month after the treatment.

Nobody except the patient would be shown any medical reports and the patient must be absolutely carefree because she would be re-assured multiple times to be rank with her doctor and share her experience. Nobody other than her would be able to access the reports for a lifetime. Medical confidentiality comes under role over here.Not even the family members are allowed to access the report until and unless the patient has given the approval to the hospital. Other medications that the patient might be taking for other purposes must be stopped after this surgery. Only the Hymenoplasty medications g=should go on for a month and no other medications should come in its way for complete and thorough healing. Thus, it is a completely safe and secure procedure.