Heepsy Can Help You Spot Influencer Fraud


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Like everything else there are those who prefer to get away with their ways towards the very top. This is why, in the increase in the influencer marketing industry over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase among fake influential people.

But don’t worry it won’t be negative! What we’ll examine is the ways that you can identify fake influencers and make sure that you’re working with genuine social media influencers who are targeting real people.

Why do fake influencers exist?

A significant number of influencers have deliberately altered their follower numbers. It isn’t always easy to tell whether fake followers or bots were deliberate or not. If you use any authentication tool for audience authenticity such as the one offered by Heepsy, the outcome will not be 100 100% authentic. This is because everybody including me and you may have accounts that look suspicious which follow us.

A lot of people who are brand new in social media or unaware of the tools that are available today to determine authenticity, are based on a common misconception regarding becoming an influencer. In many cases, we find the influencers and Instagram influencers particularly, who are emerging while believing that the popularity of social media comes through massive numbers of followers. However, companies that are looking to achieve the best outcomes through their influencer marketing campaigns will recognize that it’s engagement that is the primary measure of the impact of their campaigns, not followers number.

If you are looking for the following characteristics to be looking for We recommend using an online platform for influencers that makes the process easier. Platforms like Heepsy will aid you in your efforts to locate influential people to work with by using specific search filters such as gender, age, location, category and more. After you have entered search information on the influencer’s profile, you can see the following data. You can do this on your own through Instagram but it could be a more lengthy procedure.

Follower growth

The growth in followers of an influencer is simply the speed at which the followers increase over time. In order for this to be considered suspicious, there has to be an abrupt increase in followers. It could, naturally it is due to an offer or other similar content that requires a follow. It could also be due to fake followers being bought. Heepsy will display the follower’s increase over time, as you can see below. It must appear that the growth is steady enough so that it is not suspicious.

Engagement rates

Engage rates is another aspect that you’ll be paying close attention to. If you want to run an effective influencer marketing strategy it’s essential to ensure that the target audience the product is being marketed to is truly engaged with the content shared by an influencer. When you examine engagement rates on Heepsy, they can be compared with the average of influencers with similar numbers of followers. The more followers one has, the lower their average, since there are more followers to handle. When taking a look at an influencer’s engagement you should ensure that it’s not too high or even too low. So, you can be sure that the influencer is at high levels of engagement with their fans and most likely has not paid for likes or comments.

Audience insight

One of the main advantages from using an influencer-based marketing system such as Heepsy is the insight into the user base gained. When launching an influencer campaign for the first time the best way to ensure success is to find influencers who are able to attract an audience which matches your audience. In this way you can be sure that those who view your product or brand through influencer-generated content are the kind of customers who are most likely to purchase the product. Through Heepsy, you can determine the demographics of an influencer’s audience like gender, age as well as location and interest.

You may wonder how it can be used to identify fake followers? Let’s say that your preferred celebrity originates in the US and has many followers in the US and in other countries that speak English. However, if it appears to be a small group of followers from an non-English-speaking country, who have an interest completely different from the others and this could indicate that they have bought followers.

Auditor authenticity metrics

With Heepsy, you can access authenticity metrics of the audience to get a better understanding of the followers of an influencer better. A percentage is listed for what could be thought as suspicious accounts according to the behavior of the accounts. Heepsy information will detect the behavior of accounts that resembles the actions of a social media bot, or an account that is inactive.

In addition, based on all of the preceding insight into the profile of influencers A general quality score will be assigned. The score will be determined by not just an influencer’s authenticity, but on the level of quality in their profile and will help you determine whether they could contribute to your marketing plan.


We do not want you to be with the feeling of being scared to confront influencer fraud. While it’s possible to find, it’s crucial to keep in mind the advantages to be derived from engaging with top-quality influencers that are suited to your business. To accomplish this, we advise making sure you take your time in finding influencers and establishing a long-term collaboration with an influencer or KOL that you are confident in.