Get the best out of your watch by buying it from Seiko


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Watches are indispensable accessories that come to our daily use and with advancing technology they are been refined with several features and capabilities to get our lives easier. Modern-day witches are being powered by batteries, manual winding, and solar energy. Seiko is one of the best brands for watches and the Seiko watches India have attained recognition all over the world as one of the best watch manufacturing brands.

Everything you need to know about Seiko Solar watches

Seiko Watches come with an eye-catching design and color for the millennial generation. They are incredibly reliable watches with 150 years of craftsmanship. They are also layered with Seiko’s proprietary technology. They come under the analogy watch category which is one of the most stylish opinions chose by many people. The main feature that attracts customers is the unique shape of these watches. The varied range of these products includes mechanical, solar, quartz, and GPS solar watches. Mechanical watches can last for a lifetime if it is treated with proper care. There is no need for battery replacements in the case of mechanical watches, unlike other types. They are crafted beautifully with the dial and bezel being the main piece of attraction. Solar watches are eco-friendly and can store energy with the help of the photovoltaic cells present in them. Their functioning is based on the renewable source of energy from the sun. Quartz watches are chosen by customers for their accuracy. The battery needs to be replaced every 12 to 24 months. These are cheaper in comparison with the other types. Automatic watches wind themselves around our wrist automatically when it is worn. 

Why should you choose Seiko watches?

The case thickness and diameter range around 14mm and 44mm respectively and are made of a hard coating of stainless steel. The watch measures a length of about 48 – 50mm. They have 10-bar water resistance. The band is made of silicon material. There are about 10,000 pieces in each edition. Some editions come with a see-through back case. The 2021 collections include ‘Monster,’ ‘Tuna,’ and ‘Samurai’. It also features a three-fold clasp and push-button release. Their new releases include 5 Sports series, ASTRON, Conceptual series, and Coutura. Seiko India has launched watches for men, women, and in a unisex range. The band material is of leather, metal, silicone, PU, stainless steel, or nylon with a plain, sleek, and slim strap. The case comes with a stainless steel or titanium finishing. It has a 10-bar water resistance tested by a laboratory static pressure test. They are certified worldwide.

Their specifications include:

  • They have a fully automatic manual-winding capability.
  • Dial dimensions include 
  • Water resistance.
  • Date display feature.
  • They also come with a unidirectional rotating bezel.
  • Second-hand stop function.
  • High durability.
  • Good dial illumination.

You can buy them on Seiko Watches online website or Seiko Watches India store available on the brand’s website.

Bottom Line: The story of Seiko began in the year 1881 and the modern-day watches from them carry 130 years of innovation and legacy.