Adopt online consultation of doctor for safety measures against Covid 19


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In the recent pandemic world of Covid 19, it has become essential to avoid human touch from any other person. So people measure each step in the outer world from home. The guidelines from WHO has been set up that people have to maintain social distancing and have to wear masks outside the home to avoid contamination. Therefore, it has become very difficult to move out and visit doctors in the event of health issue. In this connection, to avoid infections, new health apps have been created to visit doctors with online consultations. Healpha has set up the app to be used or online consultation with doctors. So, it is safe to use online consultation of doctor with appropriate app.

To set up virtual clinic

The digital platform is creating app to connect patients and doctors. It is an amazing idea to use the digital platforms to connect patients and doctors. People can download the apps and can connect with suitable doctors for online consultations. To avoid contamination of Covid 19, it is easiest way to consult online doctors via app of smartphone. Healpha can offer online app to connect patients with suitable doctors. Healpha can offer best online doctor consultation India. The doctors can set up    virtual clinic by connecting their patients through telecommunications. The patients can fulfill their needs of treatment and advice from the online doctors.

Safe mode of activity

Healthcare is as much essential as education. So, in the pandemic environment, patients may seek online consultation of doctor for touchless activity. The mode of checking patients with app in smart phone is safe both for doctors and patients. The virus as already captured whole world under its grip. Millions of people are affected with the virus. Many people surviving other diseases may be attacked by Covid 19.In this condition, parallel diseases may ruin the person.   It has been told by WHO that immunity of every person should be increased to fight against the virus. If immunity is strong, then virus cannot attack. Therefore, many immunity boosters are offered by the doctor to the patients.

Details of virus and treatment 

It has said that the virus of Covid 19 was suddenly broke out first in China. Gradually, it started spreading all over the world. This virus was completely unknown to the world and the treatment procedure is also not defined. The virus gradually attacks the lungs and it may lead to severe conditions of the lungs. The patients have to keep under oxygen support. The doctors gradually found out the mode of treatment. If the treatment may start at the early stage of the attack of the virus, then patients can be healed early. It has been set up the warning by  WHO that infections of the virus may spread by coughing, sneezing.To avoid human contact and to maintain social distancing from another person are the safety measures against virus.


To avoid human touch and social contact, the patients and doctors can meet via app in smartphones. Online consultation of doctor with patients is safe mode of operation.