5 decorative items where lab-grown diamonds can be used


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When we talk about diamonds, we mostly think of jewelry, but there’s so much more than diamonds can be used for. Decorative items for starters. Organic diamonds for decorative items may seem like an unnecessary expense because they are really costly. But lab-grown diamonds are a wonderful alternative for that. They are almost 50% less than organic diamonds in price and look equally good.

  1. Showpieces

Most living rooms have a showcase, wall unit or a glass cupboard basically to display lovely showpieces that the family has been collecting over time. Many such showpieces can be diamond-studded. Few are available ready-made in the market and others can also be made to order. A pair of swans, a couple dancing in the rain, snow globes, and even hourglasses can be made with lab-grown diamonds. Usually, they are lines around corners or at the top or bottom.  They add a pretty sparkle to the already lovely showpieces.

  • Make-up kit

There are amazing make-up kits available in the market already. But for the ardent make-up lovers, who own expensive products, the case to keep all that it also has to look equally classy. This is where lab-grown diamonds can rush to your help. So all your pretty little women out there, a little note: diamonds aren’t just meant for hatton garden engagement ring, but can be a huge asset even without you wearing them. Here’s how. Beautifully diamond-studded make-up kits will make your entire cosmetic stock look royal. Now mind you, they sure are pretty expensive, but totally worth it when you see how pretty they look.

  • Mobile cover

Here’s one more decorative item where lab-grown diamonds can be used and that too on a regular basis. It’s not just about owning a fancy phone anymore, but the cover for the phone matters too. Mobile covers are more than just protective layers for the phone, they often represent the phone owner’s personality. We see so many covers with printed animations, faces, pictures, and other designs. And one such supremely eye-catching design is a diamond-studded mobile cover. Based on your preference and budget, it can be either entirely studded or just the borders, and both look equally good.

  • Wall mirror

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ You’re definitely going to feel like a character in one of the fairy tales when you have a mirror just like them hanging above your dressing table, Give your simple circular mirror a makeover by adding lab-grown diamonds around the circumference and your bedroom will instantly look like it belongs to a celebrity. Many decorative item stores sell such mirrors commonly now as they are in demand.

  • Photoframe

Some pictures are way too special to be put in regular frames. Your wedding picture, the birth of your child, first family photo, or your pet may be. They need a special place in the house and so the frame for these pictures needs to be special too. Try out lab-grown diamond-encrusted photo frames that actually make one admire the frame itself rather than the picture it houses.

You don’t have to be a collector or connoisseur of art to buy a diamond-encrusted decorative piece. But it sure will give your plain little vitrine a glamorous look by adding the required sparkle. You can find a reasonably priced and colorful variety of Lab grown diamonds hatton garden. Don’t forget to check out that market.